Your 'Life' site. What's it all about?

Are you tired of the potential online business opportunities that prove to be all fur coat and no knickers? Websites that aren't discerning about who they sell to and what kind of job they do for that area?

We were, and that's why we do Life.

Take on a Life website and you'll have a rich and satisfying business opportunity which:

  • has minimal start up costs
  • incurs very low overheads
  • is completely flexible to your lifestyle and working needs
  • generates regular, incremental income
  • provides easy add-on income streams
  • gives you a varied, interesting and rewarding 'job' - no day ever the same!
  • can become the absolute hub of your community.

Life websites market everything in their area that's independent, quirky, forward-thinking, innovative and unique in a really coherent fashion. Independent businesses benefit. The community benefits. And, you, the person behind your Life, benefit. So, welcome to Life Websites. We produce websites with real soul, with genuine, capable and passionate people who run them.

And, we care who we sell our sites to. You may have a pot of money, and whilst it's always nice to be paid, that's not what motivates us. It's important that you understand and share our ethos, otherwise we'd just be wasting your time and money..

We're looking for like-minded connectors and collaborators

These sites prove an invaluable means for local independent businesses to connect with each other and their current and potential clientele. In the right hands, a Life Website will become the crux of your independent community. It will invigorate businesses. It will enable real engagement and highlight everything that is unique about where you live. In short, a Life website is the beating heart of a community.

We're looking for like-minded Lifers to work with us. People who are totally passionate about independent enterprise. People who actually put their money where their mouths are and support indpendent enterprise, by using the local baker, the local restaurants, the local flower shop.

In short, people who are immersed in their communities.

We're not about taking a shed load of money off you & selling you a soulless "franchise", that is quite frankly, a waste of money. If you're interested in one of these "franchised local websites", we've hopefully put you off already. But, if you're still hanging in there, here's the rub. Life websites are NOT "listings" sites. They are living, breathing, ever-changing, organic hubs which promote all that is fantastic about your area. So, you have to be passionate about your locality. You have to be able to see opportunities for independent collaboration. In short, you have to love Life.

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We are actively seeking the right people to collaborate with in the following areas:

Altrincham | Bramhall | Chester | Crosby | Edgbaston | Formby | Hampstead | Harrogate | Headingley | Islington | Jesmond | Lytham | Macclesfield | Ramsbottom | St Ives | Stockport | Wilmslow | Wimbledon

This, though, can work in any vibrant area where there's lots going on. These are just a few areas we like which we've identified as being suitable, and naturally we can't corner the market in domains! If you think where you live is suitable, do get in touch...

Helen & Pete

Life in a box...

The Life manual

What you receive:

Complete fully content managed website
Licence use of 'Life' domain
Branded Twitter account
Comprehensive 'Life' manual
CD featuring all relevant promotional material designs, business cards, fonts
Training day with the Life team
Ongoing telephone & email support.

Life in action:

Didsbury Life
Chorlton Life

Launching spring 2012:

Prestwich Life
Northern Quarter Life
Urmston Life

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Cheadle Life
Heatons Life

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What People Say...

"Didsbury Life is about bringing people together and seeing the magic that can happen when you do. The benefits aren't just for a few people, or just for independent businesses or charities like ours, but for the whole community that live, work and play in Didsbury." - The Break Out Project

"They really are at the epicentre of this vibrant, supportive and creative community." - Bud Garden Centre

"...not just about promoting businesses on their site and social media, they're about actively getting involved in ideas and events." - Jonny Draper Photography

"Helen & Pete are an "indie's" best friend. You would be foolish not to have them on board." - Azzurro Restaurant

"...their support and local knowledge has been invaluable... Didsbury Life act as an extension to your company." - And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

"...our beautilfully reliable Didsbury bible." - Queenston Arthouse

"...very lucky to have such a comprehensive site for Didsbury, every area should have one!" - Rachel George, resident

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Other Life Spin Offs

We do other things closely related to Life websites which provide service, add value and generate income. How all this can work for you will naturally be fully explained to all new Lifers.

Design - We Are Life
Business Support - Life PA
Festival - WestFest
Events - Didsbury Wedding Event